MS behandelen met vitamine D3 (volgens Andreas Moritz)

There are few effective treatments for the neurologic problem called Multiple Sclerosis. Sufferers tend to get progressively worse and often end up in wheelchairs, unable to even perform the simplest tasks by themselves. But a new study is showing that effective treatment is right outside the door – in the form of the inexpensive and even FREE – Vitamin D.

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Multiple Sclerosis is a devastating disease with few treatment options except hope. It often strikes at a young age and leaves the afflicted people unable to care for themselves when they should be in the prime of their lives. It gets its name from the ‘sclerosed’ appearance that the fatty outer layer of the spinal cord, the myelin sheath, has when viewed on medical scans. These patches slow down, and even stop, electrical transmissions from the brain to the rest of the body and vice versa. Over time, strength and movement slow down and are lost entirely.

Treatments for multiple sclerosis haven’t worked very well, but drug manufacturers and researchers are always attempting to develop treatments to, if not cure the disease, at least give sufferers relief from their symptoms. Some drug treatments that have seemed to show promise are, as usual, being found to have serious consequences like brain infections from the drug Rituximab and an increase in cancer from a class of drugs called beta interferons!

(This is a selection from the book HEAL YOURSELF WITH SUNLIGHT by Andreas Moritz)

Bron: facebookgroep Andreas Moritz.

Hij stelt hier heel simpel dat je in de zon moet gaan zitten en zogenaamde “Zon therapie” moet volgen om te genezen. Vitamine D3 kun je echter ook supplementeren in hoge dosis en kan tal van chronische ziektes en klachten verhelpen/verminderen.


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